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Glambot Lifestyle Invades the Barbershop

Hey My Glamsss,

Welcome Back to another episode of Glambot Lifestyle..., LOL that's literally my favorite thing to say now!! If you live under a rock and just don't get the reference Glambot Lifestyle has transitioned into a web series. Episode 2 is NOW LIVE in the web series tab!

This week i got the chance to Infiltrate the Executive Suites located in the Metro Detroit area- owned and operated by the wildly talented Chris The Barber. We talked about ALL things related to the barber industry and shared several laughs during the show!!

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This episode was filmed on location by Jason Johnson on behalf of Shop Talk Studios

Production Assitant : Courtney Melissa

Styling: Crystal Simone

Until Next Time,

Here's to MORE Fashion, MORE Beauty and WAY MORE Lifestyle

xoXO, Cryst- Simone

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