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Glam-Bot Lifestyle is Officially.....

Hello My Glams!!! Glam-Bot Lifestyle is Officially Under Construction!! First of All I cant believe we are turning 1 year old in October!!! I could literally SCREAM!!! With that being said I had the bright idea of hoping the nearest construction site and getting some SUPER dope images!! I know you're wondering Cryst, who does this?! ME that's who... DUHHH lol!! I'll admit I was nervous but after conquering my fears and my heels in gravel... I did what any resourceful Glam would do, I had to serve you guys this WERK!!

The staple piece of this shoot is this GORGEOUS multicolor Sequin Cardigan I got from Rich Classy Collection!! I would say that after a year of knowing each other you guys know exactly how I feel about ANYTHING Sequin... OKKKKURT (Cardi B Voice) This will get a lot of rotation in my wardrobe this Fall. To me it the perfect transitional piece for the coming weather change!!

Follow Rich Classy Collection on Instagram and tell them the H-G-I-C (Head Glam In Charge) sent you!!

Check out the shots from the shoot below, Thank You to my photographer Marlon Elder

Hair/Make-up: Glambot_Cryst

Styling: Glambot_Cryst

Sequin Cardigan: Rich Classy Cardigan

Until Next Time Glams,

XOXO Cryst-Simone

#fall #transitionalpieces #sequin #construction #boutique

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