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I can’t believe I got this dress from?!......

Heyyyy My Glams!!! We are back with another post, and I know what you guys are gonna say..... and I promise I have read your minds and I'm back babies I PROMISE!! So with that being said, Lets Get into this Glam!!

Over the Spring I did some shopping and I even have started incorporating places that I wouldn't normally patronize. That's the beauty about fashion, make your own rules and don't be afraid to mix it up. I cant tell you how many times I've shopped at the most random spots and come out with a LEWK honey!

I happened to stop into Rainbow, yes Rainbow a month ago or so just to see what they had. Interesting enough a lot of there sponsored ads on Instagram kept appearing on my feed and I visited there site and I was pleasantly surprised! I actually haven't shopped at Rainbow since being a teenager so I wasn't sold that they would have adult appropriate ensembles for me. It appears that Rainbow has definitely stepped there game up, I like the current branding and styling as well as the over all versatility. Rainbow now puts me in the mind of a Fashion Nova type..... if that's your speed. I may consider putting some Rainbow items in my style rotation.

The dress I'm wearing was a steal!!! It was $15.00 on clearance, because yall know this GLAM is always on the hunt for a deal- It is an illusion mesh, sheer embroidery, deep plunge neck line maxi dress with red, yellow and blue flower detail. When I saw it and tried it on I knew it would be perfect for brunch!

My only hang up with this dress was due to the deep plunge neck line I did experience a couple of wardrobe malfunctions.... my boobs were no match for this type of dress, perhaps if I applied double sided tape it may have worked better. All in all it served its purpose and I got some really AMAZING pictures!!

Hair: Elite Hairstyles by Bree (Detroit Area Stylist)

Extensions: Frontal/bundles - Snob Life

Makeup: Glam-Bot Cryst (I'm getting good yall)

Purse: Leytons

And S/O to my BESTIE Jasii. Carter for getting such great shots

Photos Below

Until Next Time Glams,

XOXO Cryst-Simone

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