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"Glam is in the Air" Valentines Day Edition

Hi Glam's!!! Its been way too long and I've been away grinding and making changes in my personal life but I'm BACK and I'm BETTA -Drake!! LOL -

If you live under a rock or just don't know February 14th is MY BIRTHDAY, yes every year for the past 29 years this Glam-Bot turns another year stronger and wiser. February 14th is also known as Valentines Day, which may be known as V-Day but to me its actually C-Day!

This past week has been a blur and God has opened up so many doors for me and my birthday was nothing short of AMAZING!!! This year I was pretty low key no big party with my girls like I do almost every year. I spent time with some work family and we headed Downtown Detroit to hear poetry! I had a smile on my face the entire day and I laughed ALL day so I was a happy camper! I'm on the road to 30 so stay tuned because I plan on making 29 one for the books!!

Below are some shots of my birthday fit!! Let me know how you celebrated your Valentines Day!!

Sequin Skirt: Stylist J. Bolin

White Fuzzy Turtleneck Crop: Windsor Store

Green Faux Fur Vest: TJ MAXX

Statement Necklace: Burlington

Shoes: Gift -LOL

Hair/Makeup: Glam-Bot Cryst

Until Next Time Glam's,

XOXO Cryst-Simone

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