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Online Shopping Hack 1-0-1

HAPPY NEW YEAR GLAMS!!!!! I can't believe we are now in the year of 2K18!!! I am so excited to share another year of fashion, lifestyle and GLAM! Make sure you stay connected with me because you don't want to miss all the excitement happening here at Glam-Bot Lifestyle! This year I plan on taking it up a notch and pushing myself outside of some comfort zones, stay tuned as we take this thang to the NEXT LEVEL lol!!!!

I ordered a beautiful coat over a year ago from an online boutique and when it got to my home I couldn't fit it in the arms!!! Disappointed I let it sit in my closet for a year, now you may be wondering why wouldn't I just return it? I ordered the largest size so I would have room in the arms, not to mention that when ordering from these online stores beware that for example if you wear a large, there large may not be YOUR large lol!!!

This New Years Eve I said you know what I want to wear my coat so I decided to take it to my tailor and see if he could do something with it. To my surprise he was able to give me much needed room in my arm area using extra material from the bottom of the coat. The alterations ran me about $50.00 and I paid less than $60.00 for the actual coat. SHOUT OUT to Sam's Alterations in Southfield, MI that hooked me up!!

The return process for some online stores can be hectic so consider perhaps having alterations done in order to keep your unique piece!

Below are some pictures of the coat and I paired it with a faux fur stole that came from Windsor Store that just made the coat look so POSH!! I can not remember where I got my cot from but below are some vendors that carry it!!

Swank-A- Posh



This is a bomber coat which can be worn long or short for added versatility!

Until Next Time Glams,

XOXO Cryst-Simone

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