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Steppin' into 2K18: #GIY GLAM DOORMAT

Hello Glams!!! We are 3 days until the clock strikes 12 and we enter 2K18!!! I'm SUPER excited for the New Year and even more excited that you.... YES YOU, rock with and support Glam-Bot Lifestyle!! Today i'm introducing the first of many #GIY (GLAM - IT- YOURSELF) cute right!!! For those of you who may not know, I've been living in my BP (Bachelorette Pad) for a little over a year and I absolutely love home decor!! This #GIY is dedicated to the first impression of your home.

I wanted a statement doormat that would give the BP that added GLAM, and a personalized doormat did the key!


- Spray paint preferably with primer in it

- Coir Doormat 18 X 28 inches is what i'm using

- Ruler

- Masking or Painters tape

- Stencil cut out of your choice

The key to this #GIY is measuring your preferred saying on the doormat and taping it down so that you can see it before you start spray painting it . Once you are satisfied with the spacing of your statement go ahead and spray-paint inside the stencil . Just an FYI on this #GIY when dealing with any type of paint safety is key you want to open windows or perhaps do this project outdoors!!!

On my doormat I did do a double coat, just so that my pink color would pop. I'm using the color watermelon spray-paint. In person my doormat does look red to me so I would have done a brighter pink, but get as creative as you want and use the color that best pleases you! Also keep in mind that this #GIY can get a little messy so be sure you lay out newspaper or tarp under the doormat for added protection.

I wanna give a special SHOUT OUT to my boo and Glam-Bot contributor Mya Janea she is my go to for all my crazy #GIY ideas and she was very instrumental in helping me execute this project!! Check her out she is an up and coming event coordinator and she is LIT when it comes to all things D.I.Y and Craft!!


If you choose to try this #GIY tag me on Instagram @glambot_cryst and let me know how it turned out !!

Until Next Time Glams,

XOXO Cryst -Simone

#GIY #DIY #doormat #spraypaint

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