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Spilling Tea and Brewing Ideas at the Narrow Way Cafe

Hello Glams!!! This blog post is truly special to me because I get to introduce my BEST FRIEND Jasmine to you guys!! So my bestie lives in Houston but was born and raised in Detroit 7 mile none the less AYYYEEEE -LOL- so whenever she comes home naturally I have to clear my schedule because the link up is REAL!! If your bestie is like mines then you guys think alike, share the same visions and ideas about life and have the same sense of humor!! Jas is my Co-Diva, my Brand manager and my " GET IT DONE" gansta!! She is who I go to when I need to get that million dollar idea out my head!! She is also a MARKETING GURU and Glam-Bot Lifestyle would not be where it is today with out her brilliance!!

I have literally been trying to get to the Narrow Way Cafe located on the Avenue of Fashion since it opened!! And of course I was so drawn to the launch video that I sent it to Jas and told her WE HAVE TO GO HERE!! We went on Saturday evening and OH-M-GEE this place is AMAZING!! 10'sssss across the board!!

Let me get into this Review!! When we first got in the staff was VERY welcoming!! They were polite and OVERLY helpful and the environment had a warm feel. They took us on a tour of the cafe they explained all the pastries and drinks, and made us feel like we were IMPORTANT!! Me and my bestie are HUGE on the experience!! A Lot of small businesses have gotten away from stellar customer service, but not the Narrow Way Cafe!! This place is perfect for meetings or study sessions and the Livernois area is really the perfect area for this cafe!

The best part of it all was that the owner was there when we visited and Mr. Merritt was so kind to us!! He even let us take content pictures and guess what he was out photographer at one point. I mean just went over and beyond to make sure we were satisfied and comfortable. I don't know many business owners who would be willing to do a photo shoot on the spot for his customers!! I can't stress enough how GREAT this place is!!

The Narrow Way Cafe is so clean and the Branding is stellar is simple yet classy and I even mentioned to Mr. Merritt that I loved the packaging because it SCREAMS GLAM, and yall know how I am about GLAM!!!

I ordered the "Carnival" a Blended Coffee drink which was absolutely delicious!! I also had Vegan Carrot Cake, which I was slightly obsessed when I found out I was VEGAN because It tasted so good!!

I can go on and on about the Narrow Way Cafe!! As we were about to leave we got the BEST surprise as we were given GOLD VIP CARDS which gives us an additional 10% off all our purchases!! IT'S TOO LIT!! lol This is just another example as to how this cafe goes over and beyond for its customers!!

We THOROUGHLY enjoyed our experience at The Narrow Way Cafe and I strongly advise you to support this awesome establishment!! Make sure you support The Narrow Way Cafe and follow all there social media handles! I am willing to share my Bestie with you..... lol FOLLOW HER @jasii.carter and you can even pick her brain about all your Branding and Marketing needs. She is founder of the Simplicity Marketing Group a Houston based Marketing firm, tell her the Glam-Bot sent you!!!

Comment BELOW and tell me a little bit about your BESTIE and where you guys like to hang out!!

Until Next Time Glams,

XOXO Cryst-Simone

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