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Put Some Lipstick on and HANDLE IT... A Girls Guide to Navigating Car Troubles

Hello Glams!! The past few weeks have been a roller coaster and to top all the craziness off my truck broke down!! I don't know about you but for me car troubles are the worst!!!!! Of all the things that can go wrong, when your vehicle is down it can seem like the end of the world, literally. Have NO FEAR this post is a simple guide with a few of my tips to get through the stresses of car issues!

So let me first tell you how it all went down. It was a beautiful Fall Saturday morning, I was able to sleep in before I had to hit the ground running and handle all my errands. I went to Panera to grab my FAVORITE Green Passion Smoothie and I struggled with getting a bagel and cream cheese because i'm on a quest to have my tummy looking FLAT FLAT lol- well I lost the battle that day because that everything bagel and whipped plain cream cheese was calling my name!! I then sat in my truck and did a couple snaps on Snapchat and proceeded to pull off. As I made it on to the street "BIG BABY" (what I affectionately refer to my truck) started to sputter along and as I would accelerate it would lunge me forward! A little nervous I was able to pull over to a left turn lane out of any danger and out of the flow of on coming traffic.

I want to first rewind because I left a key element out I had put my car in the shop the day before this happened..... I spent $500.00 YES $500.00 coins to get my steering and suspension and two front Tire Rods replaced, I also needed a wheel alignment. Now I was OK with getting these repairs done I had the money so I wasn't upset to get it done. Lets go back to the next day, so I'm in the left turn lane and I'm INSTANTLY IRRITATED that my car is down and i'm stranded at this point . So I did what I always do and called my mother because she is always calm in these situtations - I AM NOT- and she usually tells me what I should do.

After speaking with my support systems, those people I call when i'm in crisis I called my road side assistance. This brings me to my first tip....

1.) INVEST in some kind of Road Side Assistance

-In the event no one can come help you its a good idea not only to have your vehicle insured but also have some kind of additional service for flat tires, tow trucks, jump starts, locking your keys in the vehicle and running out of gas.

- It's also a good idea to have jumper cables in your car perhaps even the kind where you don't need another vehicle to start the car.

After waiting for a friend to come jump me and Road Side to come jump it as well, it never started!! So I then needed a tow truck!! While waiting for the tow truck my phone was about to die and I had to use the bathroom so bad. This brings me to my second tip....

2.) Be SURE that when you leave your house you have a decent charge on your phone

- Now I know what you may be thinking; "I have a car charger" Here's the thing if your battery is dead the car is dead and if the car is dead you CAN NOT charge your phone in the car.

- It may be a good idea to keep a portable charger in the glove-box one that you only use in case of emergency.

Once the tow truck came I had to finally get it to the shop on the whole other side of town! The tow truck driver was nice but you know how when your frustrated that's the day you get the most talkative person who wants to tell you there life story.... and I was just not here for it but I had to keep it cute so I could make it where I needed to safely! Which brings me to the third tip.....

3.) Make SURE you look presentable when you leave your home

- Dear Sis, brush out your bundles, put on some chap stick if nothing else make sure you look decent!!

This particular day I wasn't really rushing but I was not full Glam either. I had on a simple pair of leggings with a tee-shirt and some rain boots but I finished my look with a fashionable turban and a pair of oversize frames. I'm not saying you need to be full Glam just to run errands but you just never know who is watching you and when you go out into the world you want to step out in confidence!!! Well this paid off for me because I was semi cute, I did not have to pay my tow bill!!! The driver took care of the bill, now he was trying to holla at ya girl, but he was trying to holla because I was cute! - he did NOT get the digits LOL-

Once I got to the shop the mechanics looked my truck and let me know what was wrong with it this time after going back and forth with them on the repair and price I was OVER IT ALL!! This brings me to the next tip....

4.) BUILD a relationship with a mechanic you trust

It's so important to take your vehicle somewhere you trust!! Car repairs are timely and can be expensive so scope out a shop you can rely on!!

After feeling defeated I had to make a way to get this next set of repairs done. After pulling a few strings I was able to get my Truck fixed but this situation made me reevaluate how I handle stressful moments. The bottom line is that when life hits you, because it will definitely hit you- can NOT stumble, cry and fall; let me take that back because I did all 3 that day.... but after I pulled myself together I had to HANDLE IT!!! Have the faith in yourself that you can CONQUER any situation that is thrown your way, pick you FAVORITE lippie and make a GLAM-BOT MOVE!!!!

Now y'all know I cant leave you WITHOUT a little GLAM! I got this banging Olive color Bomber from Swank-A-Posh in Southfield!! Its the perfect transitional piece for this kind of weather!! I absolutely LOVE the drawstring features excellent for gathering that waist in ladies!!

COMMENT below and tell me how you deal with Car DRAMA!!!

Until Next Time GLAMS,

XOXO Cryst-Simone

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