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‘Tis the season to RELAX!!

Hello Glams!!! I can hardly believe we are 7 weeks away from Christmas Day, YES 7 weeks away!! I don’t know about you but this Glam-Bot is exhausted just thinking about shopping, parties, EVERYTHING Christmas.  

I racked my brain about how to prepare for this coming holiday season and then it hit me, girl treat yourself to a massage!! Now if your like me I love anything luxurious and nothing SCREAMS luxury quite like getting the kinks worked out!! 

I called my very good friend who is starting a mobile massage therapy company and he came to my home! I got a Swedish massage,a Swedish Massage warms up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle "knots" or adhered tissues, Swedish massagey promote relaxation, among other health benefits.

As an EXCLUSIVE offer to all my Glam-Bots, I’m going to share my massage therapist with you!! From today until December 6th of this year, you can receive the same service for just $40.00 

($65.00 value)! YESSSS Glams that’s right I’m giving you 30 days of RELAXATION!!!

You need to be subscribed to Glam-Bot Lifestyle.com to receive this deal!! Ps he does have a facility in the Metro Detroit area! Book your appointments with Marlon and email him directly at Nextinline25@gmail.com. Tell him Cryst - Simone sent you!!!!!

Comment below and tell me how you like to prepare for the approaching holiday season!!

Until Next Time Glams,

                           XOXO Cryst-Simone

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