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Glam-Bot or Glam-Not?! How Do You "Measure Up" #ootd

Hello Glams! I cant believe its already Fall time, which is one of my favorite times to dress up or down. The next few posts will be dedicated to the Fall and all the Glam in between! As the seasons change obviously so should your wardrobe, starting with doing a closet purge! This is important so you can actually see what you have organize and dress accordingly. Ill share my techniques for closet organization in the coming weeks because I too have to do this being that I have a lot of stuff- MAJOR Glam-Bot PROBLEMS-

Lets get into it, shall we! Last weekend was event filled to say the least, so when I know I have multiple engagements its important to me be dressed appropriately for the event and for MY body type while also being a Mega Glam-Bot! I also find that layering gives me the versatility I need to go from dinner to partying just that easy.

I felt so super cute in the is this outfit! I Finally got to wear one of MY designs from the Cryst-Simone Collection, the "Measure Up" skirt! This skirt is definitely a statement piece and I got so many compliments and inquiries on it. I designed this little number and this was the first time I got to wear it.

The "Measure Up" skirt is a pencil like skirt meant to give the illusion of a ruler and is just so different to me. The numbering and ruler lines are embroidered on the garment which just makes it look so posh! The color is like a dandelion, mustard combo which makes it the perfect pop of color for fall. When my distributor sent the final product to me I was not happy with the color, but I could not have been more wrong, its EVERYTHING!!

The best part of it all is that I could NOT fit into the skirt like at all.... not only can I now fit into it but I'm SERVING major Bawdyyy GOALS -LOL- that's a joke, but this skirt is simply BOMB!! Ladies don't be afraid to make a statement with your clothing be bold and have fun!!

I styled the rest of this look with black pieces because you don't want to over do it and with such a bright skirt black just went perfectly. I am wearing a shear, shoulder cut -out body suit which by the way i'm obsessed with bodysuits. This bodysuit is just so comfortable and fits me so well. As I said earlier I dress for my body type, I am all about being 'sexy' but also remaining a lady, So I paired over the skirt and top a sleeveless blazer and tied it at the waist to further pull in my waist line. The blazer came from H& M, I like that H& M always has solids and staples that every wardrobe should have! This blazer is 3 quarter length which I generally pop this over something more form fitted to add some class to my look! My statement necklace came from Burlington Coat Factory, this is my secret i'm sharing with you, Burlington is the plug in statement necklaces!!! My lace up booties came from Windsor store!!

So now I wanna hear from you!! Is my look Glam-Bot or Glam-Not ?? Let me know your thoughts!!

Until Next Time Glams,


Cryst- Simone

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