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5 Things Every Glam-Bot Should Know During Football Season

It's that time of year when almost all the men in our lives gather around the television screens on any given Saturday and partake in what?!.... You guessed it College Football! The hollering, the animated cheering and the spirit of sportsmanship fills many living rooms every August through February.  This post is dedicated to all my ladies who know little to nothing about the sport!

I was inspired to do this blog post because I know absolutely nothing about football and I MEAN NOTHING.  I decided this is a fine time for me to learn especially if I want a boo one day -LOL-!!  I reached out to a male co-worker , one of which is a football enthusiast and asked him to teach me the game and he was more than willing.  Listed below we will discuss the Top 5 things every Glam-Bot should know during Football season according to Mr. Chris!

 #1 Knowing the objective of the game

The objective of the game is to cross the opponents end zone which will result in a TOUCH DOWN.  This will essentially earn your team 6 points (pts.)  After a score you can get an extra point by scoring a Field Goal.  If you are able to kick the ball to your opponents goal post its called a Field Goal which will result in scoring 3 points (pts.)

#2 Having a Basic Understanding of the Rules 

It is important that you know the rules to the game, football can be a difficult game to keep up with for any rookie.  Basic knowledge of this game can go a long way.  There are about 17 rules to the game of football; none of which will be discussed in this post (GOGGLE is your friend).  Mr. Chris broke it down to me as such, 10 yards is a 1st down, you get 4 tries before you have to turn the ball over to the opponent.  Seems simple enough, right?!

#3 Conference vs. Division

One thing that I found interesting out all of this is the way in which the game is classified.  There are about 11 college football conferences with 120 teams in total.  I guess it really is levels to this!! Conferences are simply rankings if you will designated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), basically the best of the best.  NCAA member institutions are divided up into Divisions l,ll,lll, so that you better grasp this Division l players and teams are considered the BEST.

#4 Who is your FAVORITE team

Maybe you're like me and don't particularly have a favorite team but loyalty to a team is one of the BIGGEST parts of football!  Watching people get so excited; good excitement and bad, about there team shows the sportsmanship and camaraderie of it all.  Another important part to this is knowing your teams schedule.  Most college football games take place on Saturdays. I'm also told that games do take place throughout the week.

#5 The GLAM and Food

So I saved my FAVORITE two for last!! Make sure you have some sort of team apparel, whether it be a hat, jersey or hoodie you want to make sure you stand out!  If your a Glam-Bot such as my self you can dress your football looks up or down! Don't over do it football is a comfort sport but it is definitely ok to SERVE! I can finish this post without talking about tailgating.  A lot of people like to tailgate near stadiums or certain downtown areas this is where the food comes in.  There are no rules on food eat what you want and make sure you eat something good!!

Clothing Details:

My sports tees came from Walmart they were under $15

My skirt is from Swank-A-Posh in southfield

My leather lace up thigh high boots came from Shiek Shoe boutique in Detroit

Hair/Makeup & styling by Yours Truly Cryst-Simone

Special THANK YOU goes out to Glam-Bot contributor Mr. Chris for his wealth of knowledge, Coach Billups of the Southfield Ravens for supplying props for the shoot and last but certainly not least my awesome friend and photographer Marlon 'LON' Elder thank you for an awesome shoot!!

  Until Next Time Glams,



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